Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Long Term Effects on Bowl Movement of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The worst thing that could happen to me four years ago was to have suffered for more than 6 months of irritable bowel syndrome. Since I moved to my new home here in Australia I was always very nervous about the big change I was facing, and I think that was one of the triggers that made me suffer IBS for so long.

I was never used to living alone. I always lived with my mother and she was the one who did everything to me in our family home. From food to washing my clothes. I was very busy studying at the university every day.

My doctor told me that my diet was a disaster. I was not eating well when I started living alone. It was difficult for me to cook healthy meals and the only thing I did was to prepare fast food in the microwave.


I remember that I had a lot of diarrhea the first two weeks that I moved to my new home. I think it was because of the excessive consumption of yogurt and soda. My breakfast, lunch and dinner were the same. Only yogurt and dietary soda.


At first I didn’t worry, the diarrhea was going to disappear, I thought that every morning I spent almost 30 minutes in the bathroom with diarrhea. I really didn’t know what the irritable bowel syndrome was. I had no idea that there was something called like that.


The diarrhea disappeared for a while, but then a symptom appeared that worried me much more. Abdominal pain with spasms. Those pains were uncomfortable, a real headache going to work with abdominal pains.


I did not go to the doctor in the first or second month with the pain. The diarrhea was gone and I thought everything would be fine. Never imagine that abdominal pain was related to diarrhea.


The third month with the pain in my abdomen and diarrhea once a week, I made the decision to visit a doctor. He was not a medical specialist. He was a general doctor. Luckily for me it was someone who knew how to diagnose IBS.


After the first visit and a week and a half treatment, the doctor told me that my problem was the irritable bowel syndrome. I did not know how to react, I felt some fear (from abdominal pain), but at the same time I thought it was a kind of cancer or worse.


The doctor explained that it was curable with good treatment and a change in my diet. The first person I called to tell was my mother. She got mad at me, she told me why I had waited so long to go to the doctor.


The next six months were difficult for me, I still suffered from diarrhea and some constipation from time to time. But the pains had completely disappeared. With my mother’s help, my diet improved a lot more.


I stopped eating instant food and focused on consuming vegetables, fruits and natural juices. For four long months I followed all the doctor’s instructions and the treatment gradually helped me to overcome the IBS.


Diarrhea lasted a while to disappear. Visits to the bathroom in the early morning continued for all six months. At work all my colleagues knew that I had problems with the bathroom, but nobody knew that it was IBS.

My personal life was strongly affected. The IBS did not let me have a normal social life. If I went out for a long time I knew I was going to feel like going to the bathroom. And I had to find a bathroom quickly or I was going to suffer an accident in my pants.


Dealing with this condition was so strong that I left thinking about how I should improve my lifestyle. I am young and can still do things that can help me avoid such things. But it is difficult for me to avoid all the stress of daily life, and my mother who no longer lives with me keeps calling me daily to find out if I am eating well.


This syndrome left me marked for life. I did not know how sensitive my body can be due to factors such as diet, stress and social life.

Men's Health

An easy Approach and Remedies to Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is not a deadly disease, but it is a condition that makes people’s lives become uncomfortable and unpleasant. But the worst of this condition is that it not only affects men, but also causes serious damage to women’s emotional health.

What is premature ejaculation?

This type of sexual condition is when the man ejaculates in a period of time faster than normal. When the man ejaculates faster, he creates an discomfort between the person suffering from the condition and the other individual with whom he is having sexual contact.

Are there men suffering premature ejaculation in Australia?

In Australia as in any other country, a large number of men are suffering from premature ejaculation. According to the most recent studies, 12.2 million people in Australia are men, of that amount at least 21% are suffering from PE (premature ejaculation).

We are only talking about a low number, 2,562,000 (21%) is the minimum percentage, since the same study conducted by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners the highest percentage of men suffering from PE in the country reaches up to 31% of the entire male population.

What is the possibility that I may suffer from premature ejaculation?

If you are the type of person who frequently masturbates several times a day, then you have high chances of suffering PE in the future. That is one of the main reasons why a man can develop PE in their personal life.

You can make the personal diagnosis yourself by taking the time in which you ejaculate. A man can last at least 10 to 15 minutes during sexual contact before ejaculating. But if you suffer from PE, your time range to ejaculate can be between 3 and 6 minutes. Some men withe PE ejaculate in less than 2 minutes.

Usually the EP attacks men between 18 and 35 years. But during the last study the percentages shown do not indicate age groups, it is said that any man of the 12 million who live in Australia can suffer from PE at any time.

Are there effective treatments for PE?

In Australia and most countries with people suffering from this condition the offer of treatments for PE is large. But for each man the treatment is different, since there is the possibility that some people are suffering from PE due to physical or psychological causes.

The best known drug to treat PE is Dapoxetine. This drug is used by men of legal age up to 65 years. It is one of the most powerful options in the market to combat PE. Originally known in the market as Pilgry, but thanks to the different offers in the market, buyers can find cheaper options.

Most men also seek psychological help to treat PE. Some professionals say that premature ejaculation can be caused by high levels of stress or trauma caused by sexual experiences.

Other drugs are used to treat PE indirectly

Some men take sildenafil citrate to have more lasting erections no matter how many times the man ejaculates. These types of drugs combined with condom use to increase the performance during sexual contact.

What is the possibility of finding a permanent cure for PE?

The chances are high if the man seeks all possible help. As we mentioned earlier, PE can be caused by physical or psychological problems. Studies indicate that there are external factors that cause damage to man’s sexuality and this can trigger PE. Things like that can be discovered during psychological help to find the cure.

In Australia it is possible to find a cure for premature ejaculation. The difficult thing is that most men do not know where they have to go to start receiving treatment, since most of them feel ashamed to reveal that they suffer from PE. The most common professional to treat PE are urologists, but sexual psicology area is available in most hospitals and clinics.

The combination of drugs, psychology help and changes in the personal life of man will be important to find a permanent cure, but there are also cases that are chronic and can only be treated temporarily.

The younger the person suffering from PE, the chances of healing completely are greater with any treatment. The drugs have no long-term side effects, which guarantees that short and long-term use is not so harmful to the male body.