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Erectile Dysfunction Self Diagnosis Guide in 3 Easy Steps

What is erectile dysfunction and should men in Australia be worried about it

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Most people have heard the term erectile dysfunction at some point in their life but many do not understand exactly what the condition is and how it works. Erectile dysfunction most commonly affects men who are in their forties or above but it may also affect men much younger than them. Typically, erectile dysfunction is the result of Aging but sometimes psychological factors may play a role such as depression or anxiety. Other times, erectile dysfunction may be the result of a physical injury to the groin area or other parts of the body that may prevent an erection from occurring. Since an erection occurs when a penis becomes enlarged, you may assume that the process responsible for making one occur stems from the growing region. However, the signal that starts an erection originates from the brain and must travel all the way to the groin region.

In order to understand how erectile dysfunction works you must understand that it is more than just the penis involved in the process. When a man becomes sexually stimulated, a signal is sent by the brain autonomously and when it reaches the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis it causes them to expand. As these blood vessels enlarge it allows more blood to flow into the penis. At the same time, the signal causes the blood vessels carrying blood away from the penis to constrict. This uneven pressure results in the shaft of the penis filling with blood and becoming hard. This process is not one that can be triggered purposely but rather occurs automatically when a man is sexually stimulated. However, when a man has erectile dysfunction the signal does not reach the intended areas and does not take effect. That is because it can be blocked before it ever reaches the blood vessels carrying blood to and away from the penis.

If you think you are suffering from erectile dysfunction you may be wondering what you should do. There is a rather simple solution that involves going to a doctor and explaining the symptoms you are experiencing. Your doctor can diagnose your erectile dysfunction and prescribe medications or other forms of treatment in order to combat the condition. Some males may experience erectile dysfunction as a result of some kind of stressor or psychological trauma. Much like people who experience social anxiety when trying to urinate in public, erectile dysfunction can be stalled when a person is overly anxious or suffering from depression. This form of erectile dysfunction is more common in younger adult males. Don’t males who are over the age of 40 tend to experience erectile dysfunction as a result of age. Some processes of the body simply begin to fail as the body grows older and ability to get an erection falls into that category.

Let’s talk about the different types of treatment to use to combat erectile dysfunction. These treatments can range from psychological therapy to counseling and even pharmaceutical drugs. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that has been around for a very long time and there have been many attempts at forming a solution throughout history. The first cures for erectile dysfunction appeared thousands of years ago and people  have been combating the condition with various remedies and superstitions throughout the years. one such superstition that has been popular for quite some time is that rhinoceros horn can cure erectile dysfunction. This has resulted in their horns being poached and ground into powder and sold on the black market for hundreds of years. Misuse of rhinoceros horn has even contributed towards the species current predicament and near-extinction levels.

As mentioned before, it is best to seek treatment from your doctor and inform them of the symptoms you are experiencing as soon as possible. In addition to informing your doctor, you should also inform your partner any symptoms you are experiencing. While it may be embarrassing, it can go a long ways towards saving a relationship. If a man is not open with their partner about the symptoms of erectile dysfunction they are experiencing that can result and unneeded stress on the relationship. Partners may begin to blame themselves for your lack of interest in sex or it may force you to come up with excuses for why the moment is never right. Honestly is always the best policy when it comes to erectile dysfunction, even when it isn’t easy to do.