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Erectile Dysfunction and how and why it happens with tips on treatment

I have always been seen as someone who is confident. A father, husband, and brother, I have always been looked up to in my life. For a long time, things were going great. My job was awesome, my family life was great, and my sexual life was still doing well for someone my age with kids. 

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However, everything changed when I started suffering from ED. I felt like the lack of performance in my sexual life started to impact everything. I was less sure of myself, less confident, and eventually I felt less successful. I felt bad for not being able to please my beautiful life and wondered if I was lacking in other areas as well and had only just started to notice. 

I floundered for a while, not sure what to do. I am a proud man and reaching out for help hasn’t always been my strong suit. My wife knew of my struggles but said little to me because she knew how much it was bothering me. I did not know what to do. My job started to feel more like a job, I felt more frustrated with my family easier, and my love life seemed to fade away. 

I am also a very lucky man. Finally my brother noticed something was up and reached out for me to talk. We met over a beer and I spilled my heart out to him. Everything that had been bothering me, everything that was going wrong in my life. I was surprised to see that my brother seemed to understand. Turns out, he had also been through something similar. It was not as apparent as he is divorced and does not always have a sexual partner. 

“Everybody gets old.” He told me. “But this is something you can control.” He told me that I needed to see a doctor and to not let this seemingly small thing run my great life into the ditch. It was not worth it. 

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment with my family doctor in Sydney two weeks later. Come the day of the appointment, I felt nervous. It seemed so stupid to be nervous about this but I knew I had to go through with this despite. The visit went pretty routine, doc giving me flak about my diet and less than desired physique, the works. 

Finally, the doc sat back and asked if I had any questions. Once more, I spilled about the worries I had and the lack of performance in the bedroom. He too understood. “Erectile dysfunction.” He told me. I finally had a name for what was so affecting my life. 

He prescribed me some medication to pick up at the pharmacy and also gave me serious diet changes. There was not a magic cure-all for this, he told me. I had to work to get back what I had lost. 

As I left the clinic and stepped out into the sweltering heat, everything clicked for me. It was not just my diet and medication that I needed to alter, I needed to change so many things in my life! I picked up the meds on the way home and reminded myself to be more patient and understanding with my family. I could not let my temper shorten. 

I applied the same concepts to my work as well. I can not say that things improved right away. That only happens in movies and stories. It took some work and life changes to improve myself. I kept my brother’s words in my mind every time I felt discouraged or wanted to snap. This is something I could control. 

I can say things are better now. I have learned to be a kinder, more open man. My performance has improved from the medications but I have had honest and frank conversations with my wife how to be better to her in the bedroom and that alone really improved things between us. My family life feels better than ever, the sex is great again, and my work feels much less like work now. 

Erectile dysfunction was something of a blessing in disguise. It taught me to look at things differently and not let life control me. I am in control now and it is great.

By Michael Pillar

One of the leading bariatric/weight loss surgeons in the nation, Dr. Michael Pillar has been a key staple of the bariatric physician community for more than 15 years. After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 2004 with a perfect 4.0 GPA, Dr. Pillar served as a general practitioner for several years before receiving bariatric surgery himself; he thus became intrigued with the procedure and began studying the practice exhaustively. In 2009 he was accredited by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and began practicing immediately, having earned extensive accolades since. He was named as one of the 20 most innovative surgeons in the nation by Forbes, and was listed as a top bariatric surgeon by Woman's Choice Award.  Dr. Pillar is a keen advocate of an active patient-surgeon relationship; he is highly available for prospective patients and ensures that he only accepts a few patients at a time so he can dedicate maximum effort to each one. A consultation with Dr. Pillar is comprehensive and time-consuming, but 91 percent of patients agree that this extra time and effort helped ease their minds and expand their knowledge of medicine and bariatric in general. Passionate and detail-oriented, Dr. Pillar leaves no stone unturned and has a 100 percent success rate as of 2019. Dr. Pillar donates 5 percent of his income to numerous dietary and weight loss foundations, including the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. As someone who once struggled with weight himself, Dr. Pillar understand the struggles associated with such a condition and empathizes with all of his patients about their day-to-day struggles. He is also a keen advocate of vegan and vegetarian diets and offers an extensive network of nutritionists to help position patients for post-operation success. Please be aware that new patients for Dr. Pillar will experience a fairly lengthy wait list in excess of 18 months.

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For many years I have suffered with erectile disfunction. I believe the issue, in my case, stems from being overweight. I believe there is also a psychological factor, as sometimes I am able to maintain a solid erection. The issue has been around for as long as I can remember. My first sexual encounter began well enough, but ended when I could not maintain an election while wearing a condom. Since then, I have had many successful encounters, but the issue still arises from time to time. I believe that losing some weight will help to resolve the erectile disfunction issue. Perhaps the boost in confidence that comes along with the weight loss will also resolve the psychological factor.

I was a 34 year old man who lost my ability to gain erection. I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid people would find out. But then i finally got to the doctor and got things solved. Thank god.

Since the beginning of this year, i have had trouble with erectile dysfunction. I never thought it would happen to me as i am barely in my fifties. I cannot satisfy my wife like i used to and its making me lose my selfworth as a man. I was ashamed to seek professional help because it made me fel like acknowledging the problem would make it all very real.I have been giving my beautiful wife excuses often when she initiates love making and it is becomng burdening because i love her very much. I have tried to google and i saw that high levels of psychological stress induces the problem .I have concluded that that could be the problem since i was layed off because of the pandemic and have been struggling to provide. I am yet to seek help or come clean to my wife but i intend to after i gather th ecourage.

A few years ago I had some pelvic pain and discomfort. After months of dealing with the family physician I was referred to a specialist in Urology. I was diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. I was given various medications but one thing remained unfixed: I was having difficulty gaining and maintaining an erection due to the pain/inflammation in the surrounding prostate tissue. It tooks months of medication and a few physical therapy lessons to regain most of my drive.

i am 50 years old and i have a erectile Dysfuntion problem. i tried all the stuffs for this problem but it’s not working for me.
my partner is so affectionate and loving me so much. she expects more from me sexually. but i am unable to satisfy her.
i often discuss my problem with my friends and searching many articles related to my problem but it doesn’t work for me.

Growing up, I was the man. I could get any woman I wanted at a drop of a hat. However, ever since I have experienced Erectile dysfunction, things have been far from the same. Once a man who loved the nightlife, I have been succumbed to staying at home by myself as I know I can not longer satisfy a woman’s needs.

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