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Men Losing Their Hair is a Big Deal

Dealing with men’s hair loss when you should be concentrating on other things in your life

Most males under 18 don’t think about having no hair on their heads ever in their life yet. But it does happen. Men can loose their hair at any age, even in their early twenties. A lot depends on the reasons behind it. You might just have a poor lifestyle and eat all of the wrong foods. Diet is a huge factor in hair loss, the more junk foods and sugar you ingest the worse it is for your hair. You want to steer clear of a poor diet for many reasons but with hair loss it is a big deal.

There are vitamins that can help too but too much of one of them can be bad overall, try not to eat too many of those yummy carrots for instance.

Receding Hairling

The vitamin A in those carrots are good for you, but if it exceeds the amount you need daily then your hair won’t like it. Then it will get back at you by falling out. So indulging in the A vitamin is also a culprit.

Protein, Protein, Protein

I’m not saying to go overboard on protein either. But your hair is made up of protein, therefore wouldn’t it make sense if you get more of it into your body so it can stay healthy? You can go the vegetarian route for this if you don’t like to eat meat. Otherwise make sure your meat consuming protein is adequate for the daily balance of your age and sex as well. For the average man who does not get a lot of exercise it is said that 56 grams of protein in any form is plenty. You can measure grams of protein by looking at labels and counting them up for the day making sure not to go over that limit. Otherwise it might cause other issues such as kidney problems, especially if it is animal protein.


If you are concerned about medications and hair loss you might want to consult your doctor and ask about that. He will know the side effects or you can call up your pharmacy to tell you. They often send a paper with each prescription that lists the side effects. If not then ask as you’re buying the Propecia in Australia or call them. Read the medication papers and see what it says. If you can’t avoid taking the medication then it’s just what life intended. Hair loss isn’t as bad as what the medication is for I’m sure. Risking your health for more hair isn’t worth it.

Prevention is Key

In order to get the best results you might want to think about it earlier than you think. Prevention is the biggest key factor i many kinds of illnesses and disease, taking care of yourself in al regards is always a beneficial practice. In order to make sure your hair is still there after so long you should do these things.

  • Be kind to your hair. Don’t put anything in it that is harsh. Comb your hair lightly when wet, other wise let it air dry on it’s own and without a blow dryer if possible. If you must use a hair dryer use it on the lightest setting so it doesn’t burn your hair roots.¬†Use shampoo that is not harsh. Make your own by using a paste of water and baking soda.
  • Some people swear by using the juices of ginger, onion and garlic. You can use one or any combination, but you have to leave it in overnight. I suggest putting a shower cap on your head and not sleeping next to someone who might be sensitive to the smell. You should of course wash it off in the morning as you shower. Results might take place in as little as a week if you continue this every night.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated. It’s not only good for your body but your hair follicles as well. Drink away!! Alcohol is not water by the way. You should avoid it in this case.

What Else Is There

You can probably find many products out there on the world wide web and see the reviews as far as how they worked for others. Beware of gimmicks though, those are far and wide. Try to stay within your budget and of course just stress less. Stress does all kinds of things to your bidy including make your hair loss worse. Below are some ideas that you might want to follow, prices are varied.

Specific Products That Claim to Help Fix Hair Loss In Men

Hair Growth Cap

iRestore Professional

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Caboki (Head or Bald Spot Colorant)

Finasteride (FDA Approved supplement)


By Michael Pillar

One of the leading bariatric/weight loss surgeons in the nation, Dr. Michael Pillar has been a key staple of the bariatric physician community for more than 15 years. After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 2004 with a perfect 4.0 GPA, Dr. Pillar served as a general practitioner for several years before receiving bariatric surgery himself; he thus became intrigued with the procedure and began studying the practice exhaustively. In 2009 he was accredited by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and began practicing immediately, having earned extensive accolades since. He was named as one of the 20 most innovative surgeons in the nation by Forbes, and was listed as a top bariatric surgeon by Woman's Choice Award.  Dr. Pillar is a keen advocate of an active patient-surgeon relationship; he is highly available for prospective patients and ensures that he only accepts a few patients at a time so he can dedicate maximum effort to each one. A consultation with Dr. Pillar is comprehensive and time-consuming, but 91 percent of patients agree that this extra time and effort helped ease their minds and expand their knowledge of medicine and bariatric in general. Passionate and detail-oriented, Dr. Pillar leaves no stone unturned and has a 100 percent success rate as of 2019. Dr. Pillar donates 5 percent of his income to numerous dietary and weight loss foundations, including the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. As someone who once struggled with weight himself, Dr. Pillar understand the struggles associated with such a condition and empathizes with all of his patients about their day-to-day struggles. He is also a keen advocate of vegan and vegetarian diets and offers an extensive network of nutritionists to help position patients for post-operation success. Please be aware that new patients for Dr. Pillar will experience a fairly lengthy wait list in excess of 18 months.

10 replies on “Men Losing Their Hair is a Big Deal”

I have a family history of male pattern baldness and if I begin to loose my hair at a significant rate I think that I will end up shaving it all. I don’t want to be halfway bald. I would also consider like Bosley or something.

The Bosley free information kit will provide you with the necessary information about what hair restoration solutions are available to you, and help you make an informed decision on the next step in treating your hair loss.

At 17, Bob knew his life would never be the same again. He had a beard but no hair on the top of his head. He went to the corner store and got cigarettes uncarded because the cashier thought he was 45. Was it genetics? Was it the luck of the draw? Or was it stress? It didn’t matter because his youth was over.

I had a hard time accepting my baldness until my 30s. I would wear hats to try to cover up that my hair was thinning, would avoid the wind and rain and also tried medications like Propecia. I’ve accepted it now and have just keep my hair short with buzz cuts. It has increased my confidence and I don’t worry as much about people noticing that my hair is thinning.

The first 25 to 30 years of my life, I had enjoyed a head of thick, curly hair. Over the past 5 to 7 years, I have begun to notice some thinning along the sides, as well some slight receding. Nothing that is noticeable to others, but i can tell when I run my hands through my scalp and examine in the mirror that there is some slight receding. Nothing that bothers me too much. Given my age (37), I still feel pretty good about the hair on my head at the moment.

I couldn’t imagine losing my hair. Its not something that I think about often because I’m so young and it seems so far away. But it is inevitable as it is extremely common in my family tree. I hope be the time that happens however there would be some sort of cheap cure so I wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment.

Male hair loss is a very common problem that impacts a variety of men. One of the best things you can do is embrace it and make the look work for you. That is what I did and it changed my life.

I’ve always had thick, golden hair. But it started to thin on top and in front in my mid-40s. The front on my head is now pretty shiny and I have a very noticeable bald spot on top, although I do still have hair. I tried a variety of stuff to stop it but nothing has worked. I guess I no longer have anyone to impress so I might as well just live with it and bear the “old man” comments from creepy little 8 year old snots. Man, I wish I could smack them around like you used to be able to in the 50’s.

Jackie had a full head of hair his entire life. His hair has started to fall our after he passed 40 years of age. It was bizarre because he had no history of hair loss in either side of his family. The hair loss got so severe, Jackie is contemplating shaving his all the hair off his head but he has never done it before. After some though, he decided to keep it and restyle his hair a different way that camouflaged his hair loss.

I noticed my balding patch over a year ago. I know my dad started to bald in his retirement years, but I did not expect that I would be balding in my 30s. I guess this is hereditary. I have used some shampoos, but they did not live up to what they advertised.

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