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Premature Ejaculation: Why It’s Not as Bad as You Might Think

“Just think about baseball” or so goes the standard line about how to stop premature ejaculation problems. Oh if it were that easy it wouldn’t be the age old problem that it is.

From the time they were young children some men have been overstimulated, over exposed and under touched and loved. As a result when they finally do have the opportunity to receive stimulation their senses can’t handle it and they lose it rather rapidly.

For me the key question is, is this an insurmountable, permanent problem or is it a condition that has developed through environmental factors and upbringing and stimulus issues. It certainly is not a incurable issue and with proper treatment, communication, practice and awareness it can be overcome and in fact can become something that can lead to heightened sexual experience.

First and foremost there has to be a recognition that this is an issue

It is not an accident, or an occasional misstep. It is something that happens too often and can lead to an incomplete love life and to difficult lovemaking experiences. It can lead to awkward relationship situations, breakups and long term frustration. People can grow out of it with experience and exposure but that is not what we are talking about here. We are referring to a situation that needs compassion and treatment.

So what to do? Well first one would need to discuss things with your partner

Communication cannot be overemphasised here. This is not an easy topic to discuss. Check your ego at the door. You are looking for assistance and compassion. If your partner truly cares for you they will be willing and happy to help you through this difficulty. Discuss what the issue is, how it makes you feel and what you might need to get through it. There are multiple resources available online. Further a qualified sex therapist will also be a great help here in guiding your conversations.

Second one would need to discuss some desensitising principles and practices

A primary cause of premature ejaculation is that one is too sensitive to stimuli and reacts to quickly when stimulated. Practice touching, non sexual at first and gradually working one way further and further through the spectrum. It is very important not to rush things. The tendency can be to let a little success lead to declaring victory and that will only lead to short term success.

Go slow and steady. Stimulus, response and repeat

Over time you and your partner will feel better and better. Keep going. Make sure to repeatedly thank your partner for their assistance and care and love.

One other consideration is not to get too disappointed by a set back

This happens to virtually everyone. What you are trying to get to is where this situation does not repeatedly hamper your sexual health or your relationship health. Where it is not interfering with your thinking and behavior. Where it is not sitting on your shoulder and telling you to ” think about baseball”

With patience, common sense, good guidance and a lot of love and caring, premature ejaculation problems are very much an issue with a solution. IT should not cause someone too much fear and insecurity as they move through their lives towards a mature sexuality.

Men's Health

Premature ejaculation: The medicine in favor of sexual health

Premature Ejaculation Roots and Causes

Premature ejaculation, I know that can be an embarrassing term that you don’t want getting around to any of the special ladies or gentlemen in your life, but what if I told you that not only is this most likely not your fault but even if it was there are so many things that you can do about it! That’s what I want to talk to you about in this article, because I’ve been there, and so have THIRTY percent of the population. So just because no one is talking about it, does not mean that no one is experiencing it. And if you’re here then you’re the 1 in 3.

What is premature ejaculation

This condition is pretty much self-explanatory but it is when you ejaculate either before or shortly after you begin intercourse. Yes, it sucks but the reason it happens does not have to be just because you are inexperienced or a bad lover. Don’t get me wrong, this can definitely be because you’re still very young and have not had much sexual experience, but the good thing about that is you have a lot of life ahead of you to practice if you know what I mean. No, but seriously if you are suffering from this condition the first thing I would tell you to do is what anyone would go see your doctor, one that you trust and talk to them about it.

Causes of premature ejaculation

This issue can follow you for a while, if you have been a victim of sexual abuse if you have some form of depression, some form of anxiety, heck just WORRYING about premature ejaculation can cause premature ejaculation and that can be a vicious cycle. Whatever the reason, there is professional help for you out there. It’s also worth noting that if you are suffering from this condition it may simply be due to an infection within your prostate or urethra so never rule that out. Aside from the obvious, there can be biological factors that have been known to be attributed to this condition. Most of this begins in the brain, due to abnormal hormone levels, or abnormal neurotransmitters which cause some of your chemistry to act up making these issues much more common.

Treatment options

Now that you know some of the root causes, and that it’s extremely important to see your doctor, we should discuss treatment options. You will likely hear the same speech from, you guessed it, your doctor. But if you’re here then you likely want to go in with as much knowledge as possible. First, up will be the least invasive way, and that is through controlling your own body better. In some cases all you need to do to prepare yourself is to masturbate about an hour before intercourse, this can help alleviate some of the pent up testosterone in your body and make it a longer and more enjoyable experience. Another no brained is condoms! People like to not wear them for a reason, it tends to dull the sensations that intercourse brings. This may not be your favorite option but try to remember you’re not the only one in the room.

Pharmaceutical treatment

Of course, as with anything, there are always medications that can be used to help with this condition as well. The first, and least invasive being a topical anesthetic. You can easily get a prescription for lidocaine-prilocaine cream or benzocaine, these creams and/or sprays can be applied to your penal area 10-15 minutes before intercourse to reduce sensitivity and create a sort of numbing sensation that will help to prevent ejaculation for longer. Now numbing your penis may not be your optimal thought when it comes to making sexy BETTER. But the harder into medications you get the more you run the risk of dependency.


Antidepressants like Priligy in Australia have side effects that will seriously delay ejaculation and may be right for you if you happen to also be suffering from depression. And believe me, it works, I’ve been on sertraline for over a year now and sometimes I WISH I could finish sooner. At the end of the day though you NEED to discuss this with your doctor. I know I sound like a broken record but honestly, I’m no medical professional and they are going to give you the best advice available.