How to lose weight

Do’s and don’ts to keep unwanted weight off our bodies [updated]

How To Eat And Move To Lose The Extra Weight

We all deal with the extra pounds from time to time (unless you are a lucky one of few) and the temptation to pay a lot of money for supplements, join all of the groups, buy all of the exercise programs, hire the coaches, cut the bread, eat only apples….. nothing like that will work for the long term for most people. If we are trying to get fit for health, then eating only cabbage soup and doing 100 hours of cardio a week is not on the short list of things that will work. Healthy bodies do not need starvation  and strict lifestyle choices that make one feel and look gaunt and sad.


Where to start

The first thing that I have found that starts the weight loss is to eat what you want. Not all the pudding and garbage. Hear me out. If I have a craving for a Doritos sandwich and a huge candy bar, I talk to myself about this. OK, I want some cheesy salt and some creamy sugar. I then make a way to get the flavors and textures that my mind wants and have a little bit of it. Maybe some chocolate protein powder or fat bombs. Maybe 5 Doritos and a lettuce wrap. the key is to not make myself feel like I am missing something important and I can stick with it for a long time and the weight will start to fall off.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. It all started right around puberty and it lasted well into my ‘40s. It did not happen quickly, and I can almost say that I did not even notice, because it was so gradual. While it made me self-conscious, it did not really hinder my life that much. I graduated from college, got a job and even got married. By the time I came back from the honeymoon, I was almost 110kg. Very heavy, especially for someone who is 180cm tall. What really made me seriously pursue the weight loss was the birth of my daughter and a health scare episode I went through soon after. My doctor was very adamant in advising me to lose the weight. I was motivated by then, and I really did not argue.

My plan was not too complicated, but it was a combination of several things I pursued. I have focused on eating healthy, working out and exercising, while at the same time I changed some of my lifestyle habits. When it comes to my diet, I started eating more fruits and vegetables which, admittedly, I avoided in the past whenever I could. I have almost eliminated any sugar and I limited the intake of carbohydrates. I started going to the gym first two, and then three times a week. I also made it a point to run, very slowly at first, at least two times a week. Finally, I decided to be much more active during the day. Whenever I was not working, I avoided spending too much time sitting, or watching TV. Just to be on the move often felt really good.

My wife was really supportive in my effort and I lost 15kg in one year. It may not sound like a lot, but for me it was a giant step in the right direction. I’ve been able to maintain the same weight since. Although it is still not ideal, it is much better than how I was before this life changing journey.

Peter P.


Weight loss

Drink it all! just get the bottles that you need for the day and drink them throughout the day. Stop being a baby and saying “I don’t like water” whatever, just drink it to be healthy. sometimes you have to do things that are not the greatest and most fun, for the best of the situation. There are some things that you can do to spice up your water, but many of the things will add calories. You are trying to reduce your calories unless it is something that you absolutely LOVE. So, so you love it? Or do you want that chocolate later? Seriously, drink the damn water.


Now, I am up in the air for this one. I have lost some weight and kept it off by skipping meals and creating a 16 or so hour fast regularly. However, when something works, it is something that sometimes gets out of hand. If I lose 10 pounds with 16 hours of fasting, what can I do with 3 days?? Just don’t. I cannot see how any doctor will think Orlistat tablets are OK for anyone. Please, Please ask your doc about anything beyond 16 hours a day. If you are doing a 16 hour fast, please DRINK YOUR water!!!! I know, just stop with the water…. but I cannot do it. Back to he basics, drink the water.


Also, please feed yourself. How in the world are you going to have the energy to move or the fuel to build if you do not eat food. Feed yourself healthy, fun food. Make sure that you are fueling your rig with what it needs to be what you want it to be. Please eat oatmeal and fruit, eat eggs and meat, eat veggies and cheese. Your bones need some things, your blood needs others, your brain needs more. Please eat the things that you need. your body will be more likely to shape the way that you need when you fuel it well.

Staying active

Back to moving. MOVE YOUR BUTT! Do what you can everyday and then add some more. Walk, run, lift a LOT of weights, sweat your butt off. You can do it, no matter your age or weight. You can do great things and with help of a good crew, you can be all that you want. Please don’t forget to get outside. Playgrounds are a great way to get moving and to start your feeling better. Drink all the water, eat the good food, have some wine and coffee, don’t starve, move your butt and have high hopes. You can lose the weight. Other people have done it, so can you. Its that simple.

How to lose weight

How to lose weight: body type, macronutrients and exercise

Weight Loss, Diet, and Consequences of Obesity

You may think weight loss is a difficult task. You may have been trying to lose weight for years via diet books, magic pills and other sorts of secret programs or regiments. The truth is, the answer to losing weight is simple, many books have methods which 300 pages of which can be summed up it into maybe a page. So, what are the best ways to lose weight? How can you lose weight and be in good shape? The answer is surprisingly simple, but hard to implement, but first of all, let’s deal with some of the myths of weight loss.


Exercising helps weight loss – while it may be true that burning calories may help stave off excess fat from growing onto your body, exercise increases muscle mass which contributes to weight gain. It takes more than just exercise to decrease your weight. You may be surprised by this fact, but it is a common occurrence that people exercising are not losing weight despite their efforts. The number one way to make sure you will lose weight will be diet.


What do I mean when I say “diet”? I mean the food you put onto your plate and into your body. Exercise means nothing if you’re replacing those calories with fatter and more calorie-rich foods of poor quality. You are taking a huge risk with your body by putting these foods into you. I won’t name any specific foods as it will tie into my next point later. Basically, you want to avoid eating fast foods and high-calorie foods such as pizza, but this is hard to do. It is important not to starve yourself for the next reason that I will get into. Your mental resilience is like a rubber band. People will starve themselves and say, “I’ll not eat today, exercise and then it will be okay for me to have a pizza once at the end of the day or an entire pizza at the end of the week.”

Processed Foods

When you decide to lose weight it means that you have to cut out the foods which are unhealthy. Which foods do I mean? Heavily processed foods such as most fast foods, chips, and sodas, a lot of this common sense. We know that the big mac meal and the large soda is not a healthy treat for us. We have to focus on foods that are unprocessed such as vegetables, fruits, seafood and lean meats (turkey, chicken and other white meat). Not eating red meat, soda/juice (sweet drinks) and fried foods is a must. Learning what ingredients are in your food and looking at the back of your grocery items is also important. Replacing flour with cornmeal and avoiding white dried foods such as sugar, flour and white rice which are transformed into sugars in your body is also equally important.

Lean Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables

Eating these healthy lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and fish/seafood will be important to your diet. Also what will be important will be not to starve yourself. Remember, you’re already eating a diet low in fat, so the worst thing you can do during your diet is to starve yourself. You should be eating until you’re reasonable full and only drinking water and nothing else. You might be curious as to why “eat until you’re full?” It seems contrary, but your body will process high-quality healthy foods differently than it will process low-quality calorie high food.

Your new sugar deprived diet will take some getting used to as it is almost as if you’re cutting out an addiction. You must cultivate mental toughness, I don’t mean torturing yourself, but I mean committing yourself to your new diet in faith and happiness. It may help to have a trainer as well as constantly studying in order to adjust your new diet to your needs.

Healthy Food Alternatives

Learn to Cook

The final step to losing weight will be to tailor it to yourself and your goals. This means learning how to cook your own food. Let’s face it, if the food you eat or cook does not taste good, then it’s going to be extremely difficult if not impossible for you to keep up with your diet. Learn what foods you like and what foods you don’t like.

As reported by research certain foods that are healthy for others may not suit you and vice versa, so experiment with foods and new recipes. You also want to have high-quality cooking utensils, because you want the process of cooking food to be as simple and easy as possible. Follow these steps and losing weight will eventually become a pinch.